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Reflection Letter

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Fall 2011

Dear Educational Technology Faculty,


Education has always been my personal goal engrained in me since grade school, and it is my dedication to my education that has earned me the career that I have come to know and enjoy for the last five years.  Graduate school has been my next academic move, but finding a program that I am content with and that I feel is relative to my career has proved challenging for me.  Although the DonnaRIGHT Master Technology Teacher program is a certification and not particularly a graduate degree, it is a program that complements my career as an art teacher, works around my schedule and allows me to grow in my chosen profession.  Being in the MTT program is such a privileged leadership opportunity in the field of technology that is growing rapidly alongside education.  


This unique program allows me to earn a certificate in educational technology aligned with the professional objectives of school districts throughout the nation in maintaining highly qualified individuals teaching in the classroom.   Being highly qualified not just in my content, but in educational technology, is ultimately essential for the academic growth of students and my colleagues.  There is an abundance of new technologies that are waiting to be facilitated into the classroom that will enable students to become more successful in the contemporary world of technology.  I am eager to share this knowledge with my colleagues so that they too can learn of and utilize these useful technologies in their classroom. 


This program will allow me to fully understand tools of technology in depth and apply the knowledge to any curriculum, where such tools may have otherwise not have been taken full advantage.  The ultimate goal is for students to have the exposure to and opportunity to learn from the plethora of technologies out there waiting to be discovered.  Applying more technologies to any curriculum where possible will invigorate the learning experience for students. 


Applying new technologies to any curriculum allows for personal creativity in creating lessons for the any unit.  This creates a sense of freedom for personal growth and expression as an educator.  This makes for an excellent opportunity to collaborate with colleagues as well to share and expand on applying technological tools in the classroom. 




Corina Carmona



Note: Write a 1 to 2 page reflection letter, addressed to the Educational Technology faculty. Reflect on lessons learned as they relate to your professional goals, experiences in the program, next steps, and how you will use the new knowledge and skills in the future.


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