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Courses Taken

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CarmonaArt Technology Resources



Courses that have been or will by completed at UTB:

As per POS. 


Course Number
Course Name
EDTC 6340.62 Applications of Technology Fall 2011
EDTC 6341.62 Student Centered Learning Fall 2011
EDTC 6342.62 Technology Leadership Spring 2012
EDTC 6343.62 MTT Practicum Spring 2012
EDTC 6320_60 Instructional Technology Fall 2012
EDFR 6300 Foundations of Research in Education
Fall 2013
EPSY 6304 Foundations of Learning, and Cognition, and Human Development
Spring 2013
EDTC 6321 Instructional Design Spring 2013
EDTC 6325 Educational Communications Summer 2013
EDTC 6329 Selected Topics (in Ed. Tech.) Fall 2013
EDTC 6323 Multimedia/Hypermedia Summer 2013
EDTC 6332 Practicum in Educational Technology Spring 2014
EDFR 6388 Socio-Cultural Foundations of Education Spring 2014




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