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Welcome to Mrs. Carmona's Art I Classroom Page 

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Jeane-Francios Millet


Other notable Realists

George Caleb Bingham

Rosa Bonheur

Jules Breton

Johan Jongkind

Giovanni Fattori

Thomas Eakins


Jean Baptiste Camille Corot



Honore Daumier



Gustav Courbet

Gustave Courbet painted landscapes and figures competently, but he also enjoyed painting still lifes.  In Apples, Pears, and Primroses on the table, the delicacy of the primrose emphasized the solidity of the fruit.  The background, filled with objects, was painted with subtle value contrasts. 


Eduoard Manet

The painting called The Balcony records exactly what Edouard Manet saw there.  The sunlght on the main figures highlights the impact of real life. 

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